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Rural Areas Seek Broadband

By Jake Morgan, staff writer

    CHEHALIS – When it comes to high-speed Internet access, many people in rural areas feel like they are being left behind in favor of larger urban areas.

    Connecting rural areas of Lewis County with broadband Internet is critical to the success of rural businesses and to the education of our youth. Officials said the process of replacing copper telephone lines with underground fiber-optic cables is extremely expensive and time consuming. It costs approximately $50,000 and $70,000 per mile to bury fiber and it costs more than $10,000 per customer to connect in rural areas.

    Without state or federal assistance, it is far more profitable for telecommunications companies to focus on urban areas where there are more customers closer together.

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The True Legend of Toledo's Bigfoot

By Jake Morgan, staff writer

The Sasquatch commonly known as Bigfoot stepped into the national spotlight 60 years ago in the woods of Northern California, but the legend of the shaggy and reclusive forest creature who leaves behind large footprints began long before that. Bigfoot’s local origins can be traced back to a small group of fun-loving loggers from Toledo, Washington.

The tradition was started by a group of loggers and foresters up at Mount St. Helens as early as the 1930s. The young men got a kick out of scaring huckleberry pickers by leaving footprints in the snowmelt and soft, mountain pumice. The group came to call themselves the St. Helens Apes.

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Rant Mullins holds two large wooden feet,

Toledo's Rant Mullins sculpted large feet out of alder to scare berry pickers. File photo.

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