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City of Centralia

     Centralia was founded in 1875 by George Washington, the son of a Virginia slave.

     Centralia is the largest city in Lewis County, with a population of about 16,790.

     The Centralia City Council meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at City Hall, located at 118 W Maple St., Centralia, WA.

     Meetings are recorded and posted here:

Jake Morgan / Lewis County Tribune

This Old House Picks Centralia

    Centralia was recently named one of the “Best Places in the Northwest to Buy an Old House” by the website This Old House, for the abundance of historic Craftsman, Victorian and Queen Anne style homes, particularly in Centralia’s Edison district. For more, visit:,,20208096_20472754,00.html

Centralia Plans Fort Borst Blockhouse Restoration

    The City of Centralia, the parks board and the Historic Preservation Commission are joining together to raise donations to restore the historic Fort Borst Blockhouse, located in Centralia’s Fort Borst Park.

    The blockhouse was built on the Chehalis River in the 1850s to store supplies during the Washington Indian Wars in 1856 and was later sold to Joseph Borst. The Borst family used the blockhouse as a home and a granary.

    In 1915, the Chehalis River changed course and threatened to undermine the structure, so in 1919 it was moved to Riverside Park. The blockhouse was moved again in 1922 to its present location in Fort Borst Park.

    In 2016, the City contracted with Harrison Goodall of Conservation Services, LLC to conduct a condition assessment and develop a preservation plan.

    For more information about the history of the blockhouse with historic images, the preservation plan or to learn how to donate, visit the city’s Fort Borst Blockhouse restoration page.

street view of Centralia City Hall

See Lewis County’s August 7  primary election results at

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